WfaAR Statement of Support for The Voice

WfaAR strongly supports a YES vote for The Voice.

The Voice is an practical example of “We, the people”. Recognising Australia’s Indigenous People in the Constitution and giving them a say in the federal laws and policies that govern them is a decidedly republican way of going about things. 

The Voice is an essential first step in creating 21st century Australia as a Republic of equals. Without it, we cannot show that we, as one united people, are anywhere close to becoming a Republic of our own making.

Casting an informed vote in this referendum and voting wisely is an engagement in finding the way towards our country’s future that all 17 million voters can participate in.

WfaAR is enthusiastic that people will be actively participating in a federal referendum after a break of 24 years, learning about the Constitution, how it can be and should be changed for the better.

This is urgent, nation-building work that will lead to a Republic.

Authorised by Sarah Brasch, Canberra