Rachel Massey

Rachel Massey will be a week short of 18 on 6 November 1999 and, therefore, doesn’t get to vote. This is what she had to say to women who said that they intended to vote informal at the referendum on the republic.

“I have always believed that voting informally essentially gives a vote to the case you want least, as you have not voted against it.

Besides, why throw away your right to have a say and a vote? Women fought hard to make it possible to have a say in matters such as this. Unless, of course, you don’t believe that your opinion should be counted.

Just for the record, I am six days too young to vote in this referendum. However, I will be doing what I can to advocate the YES case, as I believe that it is the right way for Australia to go (and I believe that this model is far better than direct election). So, by handing out “how to vote” cards etc, I will do what I can to help the republican cause, even though I don’t have an actual vote.

Please, look at the issue, make an educated decision and vote accordingly – but don’t waste your vote.”