Joanne Bollen – A Young Woman’s View on the Republic

Joanne, a member of the South Canberra Girl Guides, wrote this piece with her views on the republic for assessment for her writers’ badge.

The question is: Republic – YES or NO? I feel that the Queen has had so little effect on what we do that it is just a formality for us to become a Republic. The Queen is so far away from Australia, which makes us just an extension of the Commonwealth. Even if becoming a Republic is just a formality, I think it’s a step we need to take.

When you are growing up, you don’t have much of a say about what happens in your household. You grow up and leave home. You become independent and make your own decisions. The same things apply to the current situation. The Queen is in charge of the Commonwealth, but Australia is an adult now but she doesn’t have a say on what happens to her.

The Euro dollar is now being introduced to European countries. Because so many European countries are being involved in the project, everything has to be on neutral grounds. England has not and will not participate in the project because the Queen is not featured on the coin.

I think it is time we became independent and spoke out. The youth of tomorrow deserve to be able to aspire to become President.

So, Heads or Tails?