Susanne Martain’s Letter to the Queen

Susanne Martain’s Letter to the Queen

Her Royal Highness

The Queen of England

Dear Madam

RE Australian Referendum November 1999

I write imploring you to make a statement to the people of Australia regarding the upcoming referendum.

Some immigrants are extremely concerned that they will breach an oath swearing allegiance to you made at their citizenship ceremonies. Some even believe that in voting yes to a republic in Australia, they will be committing treason.

Please issue a public statement to these anxious Australians and put their minds at rest, as I believe that you would not endorse the notion of the referendum question being treasonous, nor support an informal vote to avoid breaching a compulsory oath made during a citizenship ceremony.

Yours sincerely

Susanne Martain

Eora Country, Australia

19 October 1999