Vote Yes/Yes and More

By writing YES in the square on your ballot paper, you will register a valid vote for an Australian republic. By writing or sticking "....and More" on your ballot, you will register your view that we need more debate on further constitutional change, including reviewing the presidential appointment process and consideration of an elected President.

Supporters of YES...and MORE include: Dr Pat O'Shane (NSW), Moira Rayner (Vic), Reverend Dorothy McRae-McMahon (NSW), Mary Kelly (Qld), Christine Milne (Tas), Senator Aden Ridgeway (NSW), Reverend Tim Costello (Vic) and Dr Geoff Gallop MLA (WA).

YES...and MORE also supports: reconciliation, a bill of rights, social justice, the environment and local government.

For more information, refer to the website at

Authorised by David Matthews, 24 Legge St Downer ACT 2602

Quick Info

For a brief but useful guide to republicanism in Australia, see the entry in Wikipedia

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Woman for an Australian Republic, Adelaide Ironside, republican poet and artist, 1831-1867

Self portrait 1855, Newcastle Region Art Gallery NSW

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Senate Inquiry

Report of Senate Inquiry into the Republic Plebiscite Bill released 15 June 2009

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