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2002 news archive

  • 16 - 17 November 2002: A conference on Australia’s Constitutional Future was held in Brisbane and topics addressed included the republic and the Head of State. There were only a small number of women speakers: Dr Linda Burney of Sydney (now a member of the NSW parliament and indigenous activist); Senator Amanda Vanstone from South Australia; Ms Jenny Macklin of Victoria, Deputy Leader of the Federal Opposition and Dr Helen Irving. The conference papers are available at www.gu.edu.au/conference/acf2002.
  • 15 November 2002: The Australian published the results of a Newspoll which showed momentum for direct election of the President was growing. The survey of 1200 people revealed that 51% were in favour of Australia becoming a republic (46% of women compared with 57% of men) and 46% wanted direct election (42% of women compared with 51% of men). 80% of those polled thought that another referendum on the republic should be held within five years.
  • 22 October 2002: Senator Amanda Vanstone in a speech to an ARM dinner in Canberra told republicans that they need to engage at grassroots and work in concert with local representatives to convince politicians at all levels that the republic is an issue that people want pursued. She also cautioned them against alientating their supporters who may be seeking minimal changes to implement a republic.
  • 11 -13 June 2002: Five papers on the republic and related topics were delivered at the Women's Constitutional Convention 2002, Trust the Women: the Next One Hundred Years, commemorating 100 years of the women's vote and the 40th anniversary of all indigenous women getting the vote held in Canberra. Topics included: Is the Republic a Women's Issue?; Women Restarting the Republic Debate and Selection Processes For the Head of State; and the Politics of the Preamble. Papers are available at www.wcc2002.asn.au
  • 28 February 2002: As controversy swirls around the office of Governor-General, there is renewed interest in the republic, the method of appointing the Head of State and the type of person who is suitable for the job. Some women have written letters to the newspapers on this issue and the need to have more women in prominent public positions, read two of them here.
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For a brief but useful guide to republicanism in Australia, see the entry in Wikipedia

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Woman for an Australian Republic, Adelaide Ironside, republican poet and artist, 1831-1867

Self portrait 1855, Newcastle Region Art Gallery NSW

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Senate Inquiry

Report of Senate Inquiry into the Republic Plebiscite Bill released 15 June 2009

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